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T E T S U O    H A R A D A


Tetsuo Harada was born in Japan and studied at the Tokyo University of Fine Art and then at the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris. He lives and works in France, dividing his time between Paris and his workshop in Fresnay l’Eveque (near Chartres).  Tetsuo made a name for himself with monumental sculptures carved directly from granite and marble. In the 1990s he developed the concept of Earth Weaving, sculpture symbolizing the fraternal bond among countries with granite rings.

Along with sculpture, he does sketches, drawings and paintings, which are often preparatory work for executing his sculptures.

Majestic sculptures like the Nanterre Memorial, two 15-foot tall columns, or the Mineral Garden in Saint Brieuc, a sculpture of 860 square feet in pink granite, weighing 50 tons. In Japan, on the 38th Parallel, a column 13 feet tall and 4 feet wide on a 16 foot plinth, created entirely in France in pink granite, the whole piece weighing 38 tons and transported to Japan by ship.

The Tazawako Dam Sculpture started in 1995, is installed on the dam under construction on Lake Tazawako in Japan. The work consists of four types of red and pink granite. With its waves, roots, stems, boulders and sun, it fits in harmony with the dam, the mountain and the volcano, Tazawako Komagatake. This sculpture measuring 400 feet by 52 feet is made up of nearly 500 pieces of polished granite.

.Oeil Tetsuo Harada 640

L’Oeil by Tetsuo Harada

Tetsuo Harada’s work is exhibited in many galleries. In 2010, he produced a work for the “Visions of Obsidian” exhibition. Brought together by and around Jean-Baptiste Sibertin-Blanc, twelve artists created extraordinary pieces in obsidian.

 Jaillissement Tetsuo Harada 640

Jaillissement by Tetsuo Harada

“Jaillissement” or “Spurt” in English, is the latest work imagined by Tetsuo Harada, scuplted entirely of obsidian, hand cut and hand polished, the way a flower bulb grows thin as it rises, the stone seems to be caught in a spurt somewhere between matter and energy, between density and lightness, between blackness and transparency,

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