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Creating in flow with obsidian


Maron Vidal […] who before now has worked black coal into enameled ceramic necklaces, this autumn is coming out with pendants and rings in obsidian, whose smoky stripes change with the light. “This obsidian from Mount Ararat has the special characteristic of being totally translucent in spots. From what seems at first a thick black, it turns out to have veins of varying density, which give it that incredible clarity.”

by Pauline Castellani Le Figaro.fr Madame

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ELLE Canada January 2017- Juliana Schiavinatto – Max Abadian
Detail of obsidian earrings worn by Crista Cober – Marion Vidal creations

Marion Vidal imagines a mobile, modular architecture that comes to life and is transformed by the way the body is put together and moves.  Vermeil and silver take on the suppleness of a ribbon – the throughline of Marion Vidal’s creations – to encircle, support and emphasize the green of the jade, the red of the jasper and the black of the obsidian in an interplay of proportions where stone, discreet or imposing, plays the leading role.


Marion Vidal

The jewelry collections of Marion Vidal are sold primarily in her Paris boutique, at the Bon Marché Rive Gauche, in the French provinces and quite a few countries.

Marion Vidal Boutique: 13 avenue Trudaine 75009 Paris
online boutique: http://shop.marionvidal.com

learn more on Marion Vidal’s website