Jean-Philippe Martin

Designer and art director, lives in Sydney
Perhaps he is best known for his creations at Louis Vuitton, where he has designed many best sellers including luggage and leather goods in the iconic Monogram and Damier lines? He has completely renewed LV’s catalogue of unique special order pieces, notably their collection of society games, specialized trunks and numerous personalized “Malles” for private clients. Recognisant of his diversity and talent are his collaborations with Marc Jacobs and haute couture fashion with the creation of unique LV pieces for the catwalk “défilés”. Now based in Sydney and Asia, he continues to develop his consultancy business with a global design concept. In collaboration with some of the great names in luxury goods, L’Orfèvrerie d’Anjou, Havilland Group, Elie Bleu, Airdiem to name but a few, he continues to create decorative and design pieces. His achievements have been shaped by the footprint of travel, his knowledge and discovery of other cultures and his collaboration with the world’s finest artisans and manufacturers. For him, the object itself is remarkable, existing in complete harmony with its environment and telling a unique story, a constantly renewed “art de vivre”.