Cub-ar is one of those companies that have successfully turned craftsmanship with a particular material into the height of luxury.

In the early years of the millennium Michel der Agobian led to the world to the discovery of obsidian.

He founded a workshop—a studio, really—forshaping and polishing obsidian to the highest standards. He saw that no shortcuts were taken. Following the ancient stonecutter’s tradition he demanded a level of finish worthy of the finest jewelry of precious stones.

The greatest names in the world of design flocked to create extraordinary pieces for him, sold and exhibited around the globe.

And the world’s greatest makers of luxury products called on Cub-ar to fabricate obsidian for them.

Cub-ar has not stopped its pursuit of quality and works with the finest masters in a convergence of material, craftsmanship and design.

Four-million-year-old obsidian has never been so up to date.