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Romain Barré, a graduate of the Ecole Boulle, is an artist in iron. He creates and forges furniture, lamps and a variety of accessories. Resident at the Gauville ironworks

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Rail with ball of obsidian, installed in a castle


An iron artist who attended the Ecole Boulle, Romain Barré creates and forges a wide range of furniture and accessories at the Gauville ironworks.

Based on the project, he imagines, draws and finally forges with passion for a myriad of customers—designers, architects and private individuals who share a love for custom construction.

With iron-working he combines brass and bronze, adding glass, stone, wood and sometimes ceramics.

Cub-ar offers a collection of balls in black, tawny and mahogany obsidian as finishing touches for interior design. They are used not only for newels but also bedsteads and curtain rods.

The balls come in different diameters with a threaded brass insert and female M8 screw threads. Thus they are ready to install. On special order, cub-ar will fabricate to your plans balls or other elements with inserts or blind holes.

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