Instructions for Care Obsidian from Ararat Mount


Obsidian from t is a semi-precious gemstone. It is a volcanic rock known as a “natural glass,” formed some two million years ago. The stone is hewn into blocks from the flows in Armenia, sorted, sawn and sorted again, then abraded and polished by hand.

Obsidian from Ararat Moun is the only obsidian in the world that is transparent and striped, which is apparent in thicknesses of less than 2 cm.When it comes to polishing our obsidian, we insist on very high standards. The result is a very fine quality that simply cannot be obtained by the machine or acid polishing commonly used on glass, crystal or minerals. The techniques we use are those used by stonecutters on precious gems.

Obsidian has a hardness level of 7, which means it is harder than glass. Obsidian is shaped by splitting — using sustained pressure, yielding strips — and this must be borne in mind by the user, who should avoid subjecting it to sustained pressure, especially on an angle, or to shocks of any kind. Diamonds at one time were shaped by splitting (before the development of modern diamond cutting techniques that use diamonds in the tools.)


The nature and composition of obsidian are similar to crystal. So it must be cared for in the same way. Articles should be cleaned with clear water and soap or a mild detergent. Abrasive tools or utensils must not be used, as they will damage the polished surface.

For long-lasting beauty, obsidian tableware should be washed by hand in warm water. Articles may be dried on cloth or paper and wiped with a cotton or linen rag. They can be put in the dishwasher as well, provided the water temperature never exceeds 40° C (104º F). Pieces should be arranged in the rack so that they are not touching, are stable and cannot knock each other. As with glass and crystal, it is better if the wash water is not too hard. Again like crystal, obsidian can take heat well, but thermal shock (quickly going from cold to hot) is to be avoided. Clean antistatic rags may be used on pieces once they have dried, to remove any spots and leave a flawless shine.

In the event lime scale appears, either a product designed for crystal or warm vinegar will very effectively restore the look of your valuable obsidian tableware from Ararat Mount.