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artworks designed by Zaven and Laura Paré


Symbols of fecundity and the promise of happiness, the matryoshkas designed by Zaven and Laura Paré are available in black or tawny obsidian.

The matryoshka dolls are made completely of obsidian and come in nine sizes. The smallest measures 50 mm tall on a diameter of 29 mm, and the largest measures 160 mm tall on a 95 mm diameter. The utmost care goes into their fabrication. They are turned and polished by hand.


Matriochka9 640

Matryoshka in 9 sizes

Zaven Paré worked for the historic French institution, Mobilier National, and for the equally auguist Manufactures Nationales of Sèvres and of Beauvais. He received an award from the French American Fund of Performing Arts at California Institute for the Arts in Los Angeles (1999-2001), from the Villa Kujoyama in Kyoto (2009) and the Japan Society for the Promotion of Sciences at Osaka University (2010).

Laura Paré was trained in design engineering (UTC/KAIST), and has worked for the U.S. toy manufacturer Hasbro as well as for the artist Kenji Yanobe in Japan.

Laura et Zaven Pare 640

Zaven and Laura Paré

Through this father-daughter collaboration, the objects they design reflect their widely-traveled lives. Today Zaven lives and works in Rio de Janeiro, and Laura liveas and works in Paris.

Matriochka1 640

Matryoshkas in two types of obsidian: black and tawny

In 2011, Zaven Paré received the Prêmio Sergio Motta em Arte e Tecnologia (São Paulo) as a lifetime achievement award.

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