Egoïste Purag


Single cigar rest ashtray

Thomas Bastide, fascinated by the Obsidian of Armenia, modeled a series of four pieces: vase, cup, pocket-bag and ashtray for cub-ar.

From his look are born volumes that play with the more or less dark colors and with the transparency of the stone.
He thus finds in the mineral matter the combination of two luxurious materials, the crystal and the ebony of Macassar.

Purag brings with its rounded curves a sensuality that lends itself wonderfully to the pleasure of the cigar.


Dimensions :

210 x 190 x 42 mm   (8,26×7,48×1,65)

1 200 

Additional information

Weight 1300 g
Dimensions 210 × 190 × 42 mm

Zebra stripe black obsidian, Fawn obsidian

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Shipped within 24 hours

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