Vase en obsidenne et verre


« Obsidian is beautiful in slab form, as a fragment of vitrified lava, black, opaque and reflective. Once machined, to a fine thinness, it becomes transparent, precious, luminous, crossed with mysterious striping and emitting a kind of strangeness. Are we looking at stone or glass? “Eruption” is an assembly of coarse rock, polished rock and colored crystal. The crystal emerges from the obsidian and the two materials meld into a faded color. This is a vase. It relates the vegetable to the mineral, evoking pioneer plants that colonize the lava fields.»

Christian Ghion, architect

Edition limited to 8 copies
Work shown in the “Visions of Obsidian” exhibit at the Pierre-Alain Challier Gallery
Each piece signed and numbered by the artist
Certificate of authenticity

Material :
Striped translucent black obsidian polished
Colored Glass

Dimensions :
120 mm (4.5 in.) Diameter
600 mm (23.5 in.) Tall

4 500 

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Weight 12000 g

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