Obsidian faces and mirror

Triptych Mirror

« Mexican obsidian is jet black, while that of Armenia is amber. The piece I have imagined juxtaposes these two worlds. It is a mirror, or rather, an object that plays with reflection. Two grimacing and translucent masks inspired by pre-Columbian civilization surround a magic mirror with an opaque surface. This triptych conveys the strangeness and expressive power of obsidian, which here is cut from the block. »

Nestor Perkal, interior designer

Edition limited to 8 copies
Work shown in the “Visions of Obsidian” exhibit at the Pierre-Alain Challier Gallery
Each piece signed and numbered by the artist
Certificate of authenticity

Material :
Striped translucent black obsidian

Dimensions :
920 x 450 x 250 mm (36 x 18 x 10 in.)

8 700 

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Additional information

Weight 12000 g
Dimensions 900 × 150 × 450 mm

Zebra stripe black obsidian

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