Achod Amara ebony

Cub-ar and Elie Bleu have teamed up to produce a range of cigar cellars adorned with Obsidian. These cellars combine the beauty of the materials used, precious wood and Obsidian of Mount Ararat, to the traditional know-how of Elie Bleu.

Designed by designer Jean-Philippe Martin, Achod is a precious wooden cellar adorned with a faceted obsidian plate on its lid. The transparency of the polished stone allows the contents to be glimpsed and made of them a most precious collection that will appreciate lovers of beautiful materials.

Cigar store 110 modules
Ebony Amara
Black or tan obsidian
Hygrometer with needle. Double humidifier
Cedar interior. Three removable dividers.
Available in several finishes with lock and hinges in gilded steel or palladium.

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4 500 

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Additional information

Weight 4700 g
Dimensions 485 × 270 × 115 mm

Zebra stripe black obsidian

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