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cub-ar and Elie Bleu have joined to produce and market together an exceptional cigar humidor, with a slab of obsidian set into the cover. This humidor in Makassar ebony brings together the classic craftsmanship of Elie Bleu and the beauty of obsidian. Its transparency gives a shadowy view of the cigars within, creating a combined beauty any lover of fine materials will appreciate.

Analog hygrometer, adjustable humidification system, cedar wood interior
Three movable separators

Comes in two finishes:
Natural Makassar ebony with transparent iridescent brown obsidian – Lock and hinges in gold-plated steel
Makassar ebony painted black with transparent striped black obsidian – Lock and hinges in palladium.

110 unit cigars humidor

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Dimensions :
400 x 270 x 112 mm    (15,7×10,6×4,4 in)

3 600 

Additional information

Weight 4700 g
Dimensions 400 × 270 × 112 mm

Zebra stripe black obsidian, Fawn obsidian

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